well, i’m back to the yoga and walking and exercising and juggling the family circus. i am going to start posting using this blog to post about fitness, healthy-ish foods, dance and many more things. please stay tuned for my first REAL new blog post, about the hike i went on this week with a friend. i hope you enjoy what you see and read. 😀 peace love and fitness!!! 🙂


26 weeks

pic borrowed from cookin’ cowgirl.

we’re 26 weeks today.  right now he weighs about a pound and 2/3rds, and measures around 14 inches, or the length of an english hothouse cucumber. his nerves in his ear are developing and he can hear more now. he is putting on his baby fat now, and his boy parts are dropping into place. we have only 14 weeks until we meet castle.

autumn equinox fun

25 weeks

we’re in our 25th week this week. baby castle is weighing over a pound and a half(around the weight of a rutabaga), and measuring over a foot. he has most everything he needs now. he just needs to keep growing. 🙂

24 weeks

we’re in our 24th week of pregnancy. castle is the length of an ear of corn (just over one foot long) and weighs about 1 pound and 4 ounces. his taste buds are starting to develop.

23 weeks

we’re 23 weeks today. castle is 12 inches long and weighs about the same as a large mango (1 pound). his lungs are developing blood vessels. his ears are working and he can hear my music, voice, and all the sounds around me. this week i can see him moving from the outside of my tummy.

castle: 22 weeks

this week castle is the length of a spaghetti squash (11 inches) and weighs 1 pound. 😀 he is doing great and growing all the parts he needs to be a functioning human outside of my belly. i feel him starting to take up most of my belly, making my breath shorter and my heart burn more severe. have you ever seen what happens to a mama’s organs while she is pregnant? it isn’t pretty! the doc says he is looking great and is a normal size baby, despite some of my previous thoughts. they did say he has long legs though. 🙂 

21 weeks


this week castle is the length of a carrot (about 10.5 inches) and around one pound. 🙂 he is kick flipping like crazy and has a normal behaviour pattern in terms of eating, sleeping and playing. he seems to wake up every morning when i have my coffee. huh. imagine that! lol.  we have our high risk doctor’s appointment on tuesday to get his brain checked out. i haven’t made any posts b/c i didn’t want to freak everyone (including me) out, but he has a cyst in his brain for now. i have been told they usually go away on their own and the brain sometimes makes them in the process of growing bigger. so, no worries. 🙂 but… if you’re the praying type, feel free to send us some prayers.

20 weeks

we’re 20 weeks pregnant and one whole day. castle is supposed to be 10.5 ounces and 6.5 inches long(the length of a banana), but he is growing faster and bigger than expected. we’re ready to meet him already, just waiting on him to grow big and strong.

19 weeks

we’re 19 weeks and 1 day today. my sources say castle should weigh 8.5 ounces, but the doc said last tuesday he already weighed 10 ounces. he is roughly the size of an heirloom tomato (6.5 inches). right now he is starting to form his waxy vernix coating which they think helps protect him from the amniotic fluid by moisturizing his skin.