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yesterday’s post was fun. i was inspired by another website that is on fb.

i spend so much time there. i really liked it for a long time. it was fun to see my friends and their families grow up before my eyes. i enjoyed cheering on their various accomplishments and offering support when something happened to one of them. it was a kind of window into their world if you will.

my profile was my favorite place to be. is started playing games and liking pages that posted funny things. i started sharing all the time. i mean, i share more than most of my friends. i share hourly, and sometimes more if i feel so inclined. i have caught flack from a few friends and been asked a few really retarded questions like “do you eat and sleep like a normal person?”

what IS normal anyway?!?

sometimes i eat in front of my computer, but most days i eat standing up next to the kitchen table and or IN the kitchen b/c i am getting someone else something to drink or a utensil or possibly seconds before i am even done with my first plate. you see, i my house i have to be many many things.

online i have to be no one but me. i like that.

granted, i want to be mostly positive, b/c i feel like a nasty attitude is just no fun to be around, i really do try to be me. i try to be true to myself and what i believe is right. i share things most people wouldn’t. i post off color jokes. i post things that interest me and articles i think have good points or stories. i share music whenever i am listening to it, and especially when i think another friend would like it. in fact most of the things that i post i consider to be common ground for me and few friends, so i post and i share. it makes me happy to do it, and i have heard that it makes some of my friends happy too. 🙂 as with most things, you can’t make everyone happy all the time though.

just like all things mainstream, it is always up for critique and speculation. the recent online studies have shown a light on all kinds of fb usage with links to all sorts of social or mental problems.

i could get into which ones and what kinds and who and why it makes me upset, but why get into it? why upset myself again over something silly that i can’t change? i can’t change the fact that people will always assume things and analyze things death, but i can change how i react to it. i can try to forgive them and remember that i could be guilty of the same or worse.

please don’t think i’m preaching, because i’m not. this is my me space remember? it’s all about me here. which means sometimes i will remind myself to do things, such as be more forgiving and tolerant.

so i have decided to start sharing more things in THIS space. a me space. a space that i can be as narcissistic as possible b/c i don’t get to be all the time. most of the time i have to be a mommy and a wife. i have to be a maid, a chef and occasionally the jester and/or minstrel. don’t get me wrong, i lvoe my job, and i like knowing i’m here for so much of their lives, but everyone needs a judgement free zone. freedom is essential to growth, i think. 😉






About tijuanasmith

i am outgoing, but reflective, and i don't mean i glow in the dark.

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