game of thrones

this is what i’m reading right now. 🙂 my husband wanted to watch the tv show, but we didn’t much like the nudity. then a friend urged me to give it another chance. knowing my friend to be a smart man, i decided to do it, and boy am i glad that i did.   

  i’m attempting to finish this book before the season 2 premiere and i’m only 30 pages in at this point.  what can i say? i aim high. 😀        

i will post a review of the book as soon as i finish, but for now let’s discuss the first season.  

i am having a hard time choosing a house. i really like robb stark and most of the stark family, while i wish jon snow was included in the running. i’m so often reminded that this is impossible because of his joining the watch. i would love to see dany and jon get married and rule the realm, as well as make beautiful dragon blood babies. no one will be calling him a bastard when his wife is wielding dragon’s fire. the rules do not permit such things thus far though.      

the show is terrific overall. i like the cast, the costumes and the plot line. i noticed they spiced it up after reading through the scenes with dany and her brother before her marriage to the khal. i hate her brother, and i almost cheered when he was dealt with. i can’t wait to read that part of the book.   

i watched an interview with the cast in which they discuss the scene where she eats the heart of a stallion. it was apparently made from gummy bear stuff so she actually was trying not to puke while filming. oh the joys of being a glamorous actress! i thought she did a fantastic job with it.    

the khal did an excellent job in his scenes too. i loved the scene where he promises to give his son a throne. that almost brought a tear to my eye. 🙂  

i found it touching that dany fell for him so hard, even though she was basically sold to him. she seems to decide to make the best of things, then earns his respect and gives him a LITTLE more humanity along the way. she seriously loses it when she tries the zombie drogo thing though. i thought it was going to get rather pet cemetery-ish for a second. she has been through so much already and the book makes her out to be nothing but a child. at this point things can only go up from here for her.   

  i love little arya stark. she has so much spunk and so much growing to do. i cannot wait to see what transpires from her current situation.  her brothers are busy quarreling and starting wars. granted they don’t know where she is. when will someone go looking for her?!?          

  those are my favorite characters for now. perhaps that will change in time.


daenerys' wedding look


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