national dance week- day 1

not sure how i have missed this for so very long, but it’s national dance week!! yay!!! it ends on international dance day, which is this sunday the 29th.

i love dance. i love watching dance and i love dancing.

i started dancing before i can remember, and when i was potty trained, my granny enrolled me in dance classes. i went into a class with girlsa older than me, and i stayed in their class for the rest of my life. i took ballet and tap for a while, then started tumbling. by the time i graduated high school i was taking five to six hours of dance per week. i had done countless solos including clara in my town’s version of the nutcracker.  i spent those afternoons with the other girls, learning to count music and dance. i started taking point when i was 12. everyone else waited until they were 13….i think. i’m not certain on the ages, only that i started at a younger age.  i did the nutcracker every winter, a recital every spring, and dance camps every summer. eventually i started doing musicals, and i loved dancing in them too. one year at drama camp i was awarded the “best dancer award” for my training in that year’s “42nd street”.

i stopped taking lessons after my senior year, but my dance instructor asked me to come home and be the rat king for the nutcracker.

(not our production, but that is what the rat king is)

after having two kids i became too tired and out of shape to be the rat king. the kids no longer wanted to drag my dead carcass across the floor, or maybe they needed a new king… but i handed over my crown and sword to a younger rat… for now. those shoes have permanently damaged my feet. i have bunions on both my feet and arthritis (self diagnosed) in my ankles.

every year the other adults tell me that i must come back. i have missed the last two years, opting to watch my daughters parts instead.

that will all be changing soon enough. 🙂

i am moving the girls to a dance troop in our own town, and they have classes for adults too. part of me feels foolish for being a grown up in ballet class, but it is the best exercise for me. i love it. 😀

they also offer belly dancing classes which i will definitely take. it is something i have wanted to do for a very very long time.

belly dance


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i am outgoing, but reflective, and i don't mean i glow in the dark.

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  1. Denise regomoditswe

    i lyk everythng u guys say abt dance coz its rilly true dat we danace4 everythng

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