national dance week- day 2

hey y’all! it’s day 2 of national dance week. i did a bit of dancing yesterday, and i shall do more today. dancing is one of the many ways we can express ourselves. when i am happy i dance around to the music, or to the music in my head. those who know me, know that i have a tiny radio in there, where i am the only dj on the airwaves. 

certain music moves me to dance more than others, and in different ways. i have learned many steps to express emotions and feelings beyond words. lyrical ballet is something i have not learned, but any song can be turned into such in my opinion. you need only feel the beat and allow it to guide you through your steps. listen to the words and let them show through in your movements. if the man is sad and regretful then move fluidly, if he is angry or defensive, move more staunchly and militaristic. if the man or woman is happy then the beat is happy and you should move accordingly, smiling all the while.

i do not mean to tell you how to dance, only how i learned to dance with feeling, letting music touch me deeper than most people ever could. music is my language. it is another way i express myself, and it goes hand in hand with dance. it is an art the blends and mixes with other art to create this beautiful tapestry of life. i never feel more alive than when i am submitting to the music and letting it take me where it will. 🙂

i’m still not completely sure about my religious belief but i have yet but one completely ironed out, and that is…..


since i also believe that music=good is it only logical for me to assume that….


i was taught as child that god is everything we see. that is the one rule i shall cling to.

i was also taught that each of us is given a gift, and that to not shine our lights(show the world our gifts) we are not being true to god (aka-the good/aka-ourselves).

so, i guess what i am trying to say is… i think god(good) works through me and teaches me in many ways, including music and dance.


About tijuanasmith

i am outgoing, but reflective, and i don't mean i glow in the dark.

Posted on 04/24/2012, in dance, inspire. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. You DO glow in the dark. 🙂 I often have music running through my head, and will sort of move, or dance around through the day.

  2. I’m often thought to be insane too. LOL 🙂

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