NDW-day 5- dance fitness

it’s no secret that dancers are usually incredibly fit. the more you dance, more fit you become. when i was dancing i had rock hard abs and legs and buns of steel.

after two kids and a few failed relationships, i no longer have this physique. i have no expectations of ever having again. i do however want to feel sexy in my own skin, and dance makes me feel sexy. it energizes me and gives me stamina, while bringing the motions of love and sensuality. it is a great way to get your groove back. 🙂

so i downloaded a new workout video. it looks like fun so i was excited to give it a try, but i could not keep up. my butt muscles were burning and i was panting rather loudly. i opted for a circuit training exercise which was really difficult, but not nearly as difficult as zumba.

some of you may be wondering “what the heck is zumba?” others are saying, “uh, oh yeah, **** was talking about that.” it’s dance-cerise,or dance fitness.

it isn’t the only kind of dance fitness video on the market either. you can find ballet, jazzercise, tap, tai chi, hip hop, salsa, belly dance,zumba and even reggaeton dance fitness dvds and downloads. i would include yoga in this as well, b/c it is a dance of sorts.

i posted videos of these dances on yesterdays page with exception of a reggaeton, zumba and tai chi, but there are plenty on youtube for free for the public.

this one is short and fun. try it once or twice if you want. 🙂


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i am outgoing, but reflective, and i don't mean i glow in the dark.

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