well, i am most certainly starting to show, and if i don’t stop eating so much i’m going to out grow my skin sooner than i thought. 😛

my stretch marks were starting to itch, and i scratched them. now i have a rash all over my stomach AND my inner thighs too. the info i found online says it’s a skin irritation that the doctors have not completely figured out. they say it is more likely to start in the third trimester… but hey… when have i ever done things conventionally?!?

here’s what I know about the stuff. IT ITCHES!!! when you scratch it teeny tiny pink/red bumps appear, very similar to razor burn. it burns kind of like razor burn too, and it gets rather warm and red all around the area. i will spare you the pictures but know this…. it is annoying.i am fighting the urge to scratch as i type.

something tells me coffee isn’t a good idea today.



About tijuanasmith

i am outgoing, but reflective, and i don't mean i glow in the dark.

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