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yoga and belly dance for prenatal health

my sister in law helping throughout my pregnancy and also my labor. she likes to practice and plan and know what’s up. i’m not always a good planner, but i understand the need and i think it will help us have a smoother time in the hospital. we decided to actually use some means of natural relief instead of only relying on the meds, though i am still using the meds as well as the epidural. i like yoga and dancing, so we chose those. yoga for pain relief and dance too. i did not know but belly dancing is not only very sensual but it is also a dance about women’s power to create life. 🙂 many of the elements help relief back pain and loosen your body for birth. the last two videos are about this practice. the first video is a prenatal yoga exercise video for me(or you) to do to stretch and stay loose during pregnancy, as well a fit. 🙂