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well, i’m back to the yoga and walking and exercising and juggling the family circus. i am going to start posting using this blog to post about fitness, healthy-ish foods, dance and many more things. please stay tuned for my first REAL new blog post, about the hike i went on this week with a friend. i hope you enjoy what you see and read. 😀 peace love and fitness!!! 🙂


prego survey curtesy of “waiting for a rosebud”

how far along:  14 weeks

weight:  177 (i was curvy BEFORE i got pregnant)

maternity clothes: yes. size medium. i look like i did at 6 months with my first kiddo. great. *sarcasm sign*

stretch marks: the stretch marks from my previous pregnancies are itchy and now i’m breaking out in a skin rash. sexy. 😉

sleep:  i get up to pee at least three times a night, so no sleep isn’t something i am doing much of.

fitness/exercise: i took a walk a moment ago with my two dogs. that was fun.

food cravings/aversions: spicy things. mostly buffalo chicken of all kinds. day before yesterday i ordered hummus, spinach dip, jalepeno poppers and an order of fried cheese sticks. i would have eaten it all had my husband not been there to witness.

belly button: is itchy and swollen. pink or red most of the time, but that is new within the last day or so.

wedding rings: on.

best moment this week:doctors appt when i heard the heartbeat and it swimming around inside me.

miss anything: i miss whiskey. i miss going out at night with the girls. i miss the clothes hanging in the closet that i cannot wear.

looking forward to: feeling my baby move more and more.