18 weeks

we are 18 weeks pregnant today. baby smith measures 10 inches from top to bottom, and weighed 8 ounces at my last appointment. he has boy/girl parts but covered them up during the ultrasound. he has all working parts and is now growing stronger, fatter, and healthier.


just tickin’…. yet again…

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17 weeks pregnant

this week we’re 17 weeks pregnant. baby smith weighs 5 ounces and is about 5 inches long, about the size of a turnip.  he/she is developing sweat glands, and baby’s bones are hardening into bones instead of soft cartilage. i find baby smith to be most active at night when things slow down and get quieter around our home. 


i feel myself changing, shifting into someone who is less positive, but far more realistic. not sure how long it will last, or where it is headed, but i have noticed it all the same. i wouldn’t go so far as to call me a realist, b/c that is almost laughable… but i do think it helps to handle things instead of pretend things are honky-dory. i also think that insisting that everyone be positive would make for a very very dull and complacent.

16 weeks pregnant

baby smith is 16 weeks along. baby is 3.5 ounces and about the size of an avacado(4.5 inches long). he/she can hear us talking and the noises around me.

grumpy mcgrumperson

ugh… i don’t know what the problem is but i am so grumpy and tense. i notice my jaw is clinched and my head is hurting, even when i’m not angry. i don’t know if lack of sleep is starting to affect me, or if i am THAT hormonal. i get the feeling that everyone thinks i am choosing to be grumpy, but i’m not. i mean, i could smile and fake it, but why should i wear a mask?!? i just wanna be true to myself and let it out when i need to.

i am taking a break from my fb b/c it seems to be making it worse, and i can’t help but feel like i’m not expressing myself well, and i am too tired and irritable to explain myself at this point.

last night i slept from 8 pm to 3 am. 7 hours sleep wasn’t too shabby, but i was not feeling good.

i am happy with the way my life is going, except for the not sleeping, the puking and the tense muscles. why can’t i chill and enjoy this time in my life?!?
why do i feel like beating the crap out of something?!? why do i feel like this?!? ugh…

i know, you don’t have the answers, and neither do i for now. i just needed to get stuff off my chest and hopefully let it go. i am tired of feeling like a crazy person!

15 week survey curtesy of “waiting for rosebud”

how far along:  15 weeks

weight:  177

maternity clothes: yes and no. i cans till wear my comfy clothes, but i’m in size medium maternity clothes too.

stretch marks:no new ones. the rash is not so prevalent this week either.

sleep: last night i woke up to a panic attack. super fun. (rolls eyes)

fitness/exercise: not much walking this week. it’s too darn hot!

food cravings/aversions: this week i craved chili,  butterscotch dipped ice cream and orange juice.

belly button: still pink and a bit itchy, but not uncontrollably.

wedding rings: on.

best moment this week: all the times i felt the baby kick, even though it was a bit startling at first.

miss anything: i miss pepperoni.

looking forward to: finding out what we’re having next month.

15 weeks

we are 15 weeks along today. baby smith is the size of a beef steak tomato(or a large navel orange) and weighs about 2 ounces. i felt baby kick this week four times! i was shocked b/c it says most feel babies around 17 weeks, but this baby has some mean kicks. ty says he will teach him to play soccer. (rolls eyes at thought of being soccer mom)

prego survey curtesy of “waiting for a rosebud”

how far along:  14 weeks

weight:  177 (i was curvy BEFORE i got pregnant)

maternity clothes: yes. size medium. i look like i did at 6 months with my first kiddo. great. *sarcasm sign*

stretch marks: the stretch marks from my previous pregnancies are itchy and now i’m breaking out in a skin rash. sexy. 😉

sleep:  i get up to pee at least three times a night, so no sleep isn’t something i am doing much of.

fitness/exercise: i took a walk a moment ago with my two dogs. that was fun.

food cravings/aversions: spicy things. mostly buffalo chicken of all kinds. day before yesterday i ordered hummus, spinach dip, jalepeno poppers and an order of fried cheese sticks. i would have eaten it all had my husband not been there to witness.

belly button: is itchy and swollen. pink or red most of the time, but that is new within the last day or so.

wedding rings: on.

best moment this week:doctors appt when i heard the heartbeat and it swimming around inside me.

miss anything: i miss whiskey. i miss going out at night with the girls. i miss the clothes hanging in the closet that i cannot wear.

looking forward to: feeling my baby move more and more.

14 weeks

yes, we’re officially in our second trimester. baby smith has fully functioning arms and legs, as well as internal organs that are starting to work this week. baby is 3.5 inches long, can now smile or frown and suck it’s thumb. 🙂